Dave Lawrence (aka Sponde), London & Ii: sound artist, composer, improvisation performance, and musician. Special interests - sounds of life, the life of sounds, sound as data, sounding memory, artefact discovery, poetry, collaboration.

Soundscape compositions work with  ‘Soundabout’ field recordings, improvisation, digital-analogue, synthesis, re-placement, the absurd. Current research: sound as data, unwell-tempered harmonics. Member of The Institute of Unnecessary Research.



it’s all relative...

“Sponde”: the 7th of the ancient Greek Horai goddesses -  the ‘hour of libations after lunch’.

to make contact: dave@sponde.co.uk

recent/current projects: 
Collaboration with Erica Masuya - “Something Invisible”, exhibited Tōmi Nagano, Japan (Sept 2017). 
Corridoors of Sound Collective:  orchestras of Live ‘free improvisation’ - classical, indie & sound art musicians, dance, theatre, film, performance, visual art: Sound Factory (Aug 2017); Nordic Soundscapes concert (extract), Hosted by Muu (Oulu Artsnight, Kulttuuritalo Valve, Aug 2016) - all concert 
Sponde performances: including Termos-Klubi III (June 2016)
“Connecting Differences” (Inês Amado, Cyprus 2014)
Joanna Hoffmann collaborations: Philosophers Stone (2013); Secret Life (2008)
Residencies: Sumu residency (Turku, Finland): Oct-Dec 2012 (“Extra-Version” exhibition 11-12.2012, Titanik Gallery. Turku): Virtual version: “Extra-Version V”;  KulttuuriKauppila AIR, Ii, Finland: (April, September 2011)http://ericamasuya.sakura.ne.jp/https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V4tbZrpGs6ghttps://vimeo.com/231299646https://vimeo.com/195345008https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzhxaaGJO-o&feature=youtu.behttps://vimeo.com/201600457https://vimeo.com/123943777https://vimeo.com/77907898https://vimeo.com/45744979Titanik_%28Extra-Version_V%29.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3shapeimage_2_link_4shapeimage_2_link_5shapeimage_2_link_6shapeimage_2_link_7shapeimage_2_link_8shapeimage_2_link_9