Dave Lawrence - sound artist, composer, performer, and musician



Projects – “Dance Hack” workshop performance composition (collaboration with dancers and technologists), OAMK, Oulu Finland 24-26.8.2016; “Nordic Soundscapes (sponsored by MUU Galleria Helsinki) – live performance and seminar talk, Kulttuurivalve, Oulu, Finland 18/19.8.2016; “Pitched Black”: soundscape composition with improvised soundings around Joar Nango’s Ii Biennale installation structure (‘Pitch Black’), Ii Finland July 2016;

“Corridoors of Sound: 12 Hours Deep” (collaborative 12 hours improvisation, Valve Cultural Centre, Oulu March 2016); “Latentia Mundos” (sound-video collaboration with Helena Kaikkonen (Bratislava Sept 2015, Poland and Hungary 2015/6); “Untitled (Iijoki) “ sound-video collaboration with Maija Laurinen (Night Palette exhibition, KulttuuriKauppila, Ii, Oct 2015); “Henkays Elamaa” soundscapes (Theatre Drama, Vaasa March 2015); “Philosophers’ Stone” soundscape (Beyond festival, Karlsruhe Germany Oct 2014 - 3D visuals by Joanna Hoffmann); “Connecting Differences”, sound-sculpture collaboration with Ines Amado (Bread Matters IV, ARTos, Nicosia Cyprus, Nov 2014);

Sponde improvisation sonic performance (Mustarinda, Finland June 2014); Collaborative improvisation performances at Kulttuuribingo gallery/club, Oulu (2011-2015); “Evanesce”, soundscape for Sonus Spatiis, Collegium Biologicum, April 2014 (Poznan, Poland); “Out of Here” soundscape (Import/Export, Tornio-Haparanda, Nov 2013), ‘Essence’ environmental sound artwork (Taidelinjat, Oulu June 2013, with Pia Hentunen); “Hydro-Ii”, sound-video, hAparatOr Sound Festival, March 2013;  arts-science collaboration project (sound-as-data): Turku University (2012/13);

“Gaze” interactive sound-video installation (collaboration with Antti Tenetz, Oulu Museum of Art, Oct 2012); “Extra-Version1+2”: exhibition of 50 sound works, installations & films (Titanik Gallery Turku Finland Nov/Dec 2012);

“Field Notes” (arts-science field-lab, Finnish Bioart Society, Kilpisjärvi Arctic Finland (Sept 2011); ”Ishan” (Improvisation Performance with Sonom & West Bengal musicians, Liverpool 2010); eMobiLArt interactive installations 2009 - Greece (Thessaloniki State Museum of Modern Art, and Rondo Gallery, Katowice); “Secret Life” (Transmediale, Berlin & Bangalore Water Festival 2009, with Joanna Hoffmann);

‘Stardust Ruins’ (Liliane Lijn, Riflemaker, London 2008);   “mememe”, interactive  installation - Digital Arts Festival, Aarhus Denmark, Nov 06 (with Tine Bech & Sam Woolf); performance art (with Sasha Frolova) @ NCCA Moscow Dec 06; “Pipes have ears” sound sculpture, Crystal Palace Park 2004 & Exeter Colourscape 2005, with Viv Corringham.

Narrative Films : Hit The Nail Films (with filmmaker Matthew Bedell): DAIL Film Festival, NFT, Southbank, London 2005 (‘Promise’); Lux, Hoxton, London, 2001 (‘Shameface Requiem’)

Workshops/Talks: “Poetic Kinetics”: www.magneetti.org, Rovaniemi, Nov 2011; Tesla series (UCL,London): 08/10; “Sound Dig”(IMOCA Dublin Aug 09: data.ie/wordpress/?p=273);

Artist-in-Residence: SUMU Turku, Finland: Oct-Dec 2012, KulttuuriKauppila, Ii, Finland (2011); Kolkata/West Bengal (June 2010: PAX/Banglanatak) 

Academic: Tutor – sound creativity/ experimental graphic design - immersive 4D workshops/interaction design/creative design/technology of music (OAMK, Oulu, Finland; Open University, UK); MA Sonic Arts (Middlesex University, London, 2005); PhD Computer Science (Aston University, UK, 1998);

Publications: “Probing Sound: capturing natural data”, Lawrence D. & Grant M., in ‘Field Notes – from Landscape to Laboratory, Finnish Bioarts Society, June 2013; “Contemplating Moments”, Leonardo Journal, Vol 43, No. 5, October 2010, Johnson N, Albada D. & Lawrence D. (2010)