Artist in residence: Kulttuurikauppila, Ii, Finland (Spring & Autumn 2011)


Hydro Ii

2011: exhibited at INTO Innovation exhibition, Oulu, 28th June 2011

(Ii Hydro station water release, Spring 2011, sound: live improvisation pyykinkuivausteline and gadgets)

Spring Offering


“Sound, and sound composition - important ways to perceive, and  begin to understand nature - and what is happening in this complex system”

“We are part of nature, and nature is part of us”


2011.   Voima, KulttuuriKauppila, Ii

artwork: Pia Hentunen

Iin Transit


(Bus journey from Ii; sound: improvisations

Kantele & gadgets)



(sounds at the bank of the River ii , near to the sea, 29th April 2011, as the ice is fragmenting and the splinters and rafts quietly float away; piano improvisation at KK, Spring 2011)

Spring residence: many hours of sounds recorded for composition work during the summer - alongside the immense experience of witnessing the natural happenings and being part of the local community, to always seep into the creative process.

It was a special time; to see (and hear) the change from winter end to Spring beginnings was magical and absorbing - walking out to the frozen sea, and living by the frozen and silenced river at Ii; keeping it company as things changed and ice blocks floated and rolled away. The new release (after the very long winter) in and for people was also a wonder - refreshing.

I missed the the ice and snow - it felt a loss. But (deep) natural change, and living in that environment, is something I am slowly getting to know, being in Finland, and hopefully will start to understand. This is partly what the composition and installation work explores.