Inês Amado


Inês first made contact with me shortly after hearing that I had been involved in setting up and performing in one of the first live video&audio webcasts in the UK (1996, Celtica, in Mid Wales) - a live rockband concert. This led to collaborating in a technical capacity to design and implement the communications technology system for her ‘Sand in Time’ installation (Trinity Buoy Wharf, 1997). This involved bringing in video (from the azores) via satellite and isdn into the lighthouse building, and live streaming video footage (of the installation + local views across Greenwich/Thames) to the web. The installation also involved projecting all the imagery onto large suspended treated glass sheets - the whole experience made a lasting and deep impression on me, and marked possibly the first stepping stone from rock band keyboard player and song composer ..... to explore sonic art.

Laranjas: June 2008  Centro Cultural de Lagos, Portugal

Concept and creation of Laranjas by Inês Amado, with soundscape composition by Sponde in collaboration with Inês