Sasha Frolova - performance artist and contemporary poetic/sculpture artist (Moscow)


Sasha (who also performs as Aquaaerobika) dreams up such wonderfully magical & pure poetry and sculptural worlds, that it makes it so easy for me to be inspired and compose soundscapes for our collaborative work. The sounds include Sasha’s spoken word, and ‘Sphere&Cross’ includes Sasha performing on Theremin.


2005     Lumo (Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, May 2005)

2005     Diamond Bubbles (Whitechapel Gallery cafe, London Oct 2005)

2006     Sphere & Cross  (NCCA, Moscow, Dec 2006)

2008  LOVECRAFT  (introduced at 1st Moscow Biennale for Young Art, July   2008          

                                  - Performers:Sasha Frolova + Andrey Bartenev)

Sphere & Cross



Diamond Bubbles